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Zend Announces Latest PHP Application Framework

By Chris Crum
Staff Writer
Article Date: March 18, 2015

PHP company Zend announced the roadmap for Zend Framework 3, its next-generation PHP-based application framework for web and mobile apps.

Zend Framework 3 includes a new design, which the company says takes advantage of the PHP language evolution, as well as emerging technologies and techniques. The highlights and capabilities as listed in the announcement are as follows:



“The PHP ecosystem is undergoing a ‘renaissance’ with a multitude of development processes, new technologies and coding practice changes in the last few years,” said Zend’s Matthew Weier O’Phinney. “The latest Zend Framework will change how developers work with PHP, providing them with a ‘use-at-will’ architecture option as well as a framework that aligns with ever-changing platforms and technologies. This ensures developers have the specific components they need to create the next-generation of high-performance PHP-based web and mobile applications for the enterprise.”

Zend Framework 3 will be available the third quarter of this year.

Zend Framework is licensed under a new BSD open-source license. Companies like IBM, Google and Microsoft have contributed to it.

More on the roadmap here.

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